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Free Spay & Neuter for Folsom Feral Cats

Feral cats can be covered by our Feral Spay/Neuter Program (FSNP) at no charge as long as you are a Folsom resident.

Limited to Folsom residents only!

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What is a feral cat?

A feral cat is a cat who has either never had any contact with people or her contact with people has diminished over time. She is not socialized to people and survives on her own outdoors. Most feral cats are not likely to ever become lap cats or enjoy living indoors.

What is covered by the certificate?

The program will cover the spay or neuter, Rabies, FVRCP vaccination, and ear tipping so the cat can be identified as being spayed or neutered if trapped again.

What do I do with the cat after surgery?

After a recovery period the cats must be returned to the area where they were caught and released. This is called Trap Neuter Release (TNR) and is becoming the National method of dealing with feral cats.


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